Tami Lund
My name is Tami Lund and while I drink copious amounts of wine, I write books with happy endings. The romance in my books comes in all shapes and sizes — shifters, vampires, demigods, dragons, witches, as well as suspense, contemporary — and all of it includes a generous dose of humor. I even wrote a duo of mafia stories and figured out a way to make them funny.
I live in the midwest, outside of Detroit–so if you follow my Facebook page you’ll see plenty of complaints about the snow and unconditional love for the all-too-brief summer. I have a teenage daughter, a dog who believes I am the greatest thing since sliced bread (which irks the daughter because *she* wants to be the dog’s favorite), and I recently celebrated my twentieth wedding anniversary.
So yes, happy endings are real.

Interview with Tami Lund

Tell us about your story in Dark Moon Falls Vol. I.

I wrote Lyall and Natalia’s story practically without pausing to take a breath. It was one of those ideas that flowed without hesitation, and I couldn’t get it out of my head and into the computer fast enough. (Can I just say, I love when that happens??)
It’s a second chance love story, which you’ll see in the next question is my favorite type of book to read, so I was pleased when the idea came to me and then doubly excited when my editor loved it too. I think what makes Lyall and Natalia’s second chance situation stand out is that Lyall makes no bones about the fact that he’s been in love with Natalia forever. He doesn’t deny it, which makes him a hero you want to, well, keep for yourself. If only, right?

What is your all-time favorite book by another author?

~It’s not paranormal, however, I love Nora Roberts’ Birthright. I’ve read it at least half a dozen times. Yes, I’m a sucker for second chance romance! I love the build up of the (rekindled) relationship between the hero and heroine, and the sexual tension is off the charts, even though it isn’t a terribly explicit book. Not to mention, there’s an amazingly suspenseful story going on at the same time. This book also does an excellent job of spanning a long period of time (months) without dragging or becoming boring at any point.

What is the one thing you can’t live without while you’re writing?

My laptop. Coffee. Wine. Music. Man, I have a lot of demands, don’t I?

What book of YOURS is your favorite?

Of Love and Darkness. It’s the first in my Twisted Fate series. I love it because of the hero and heroine. Gavin is such a reluctant hero, yet he really grows throughout the book and ultimately shines when he needs to, and Sydney refuses to be a frightened maiden in distress, despite the fact that she didn’t even know the supernatural world existed until she was forced into it. I also think I did a great job with the humor in this book. It’s well worth a read!

What has been your coolest moment as an author?

In October, 2016, I flew out to LA to participate in a book convention because one of my books had been nominated for a prize (Undercover Heat). And I won, which I didn’t in a million years expect! I had to get up on stage and give a speech, which of course I hadn’t prepared for. So I babbled on about how wonderful my editor was, because it was her advice regarding the hero of that book that I believe is the reason it won, and then I told a story about the sexy red heels I was wearing that evening. You see, one day a few months prior, I told my husband I needed a new pair of sensible, navy pumps. He offered to go shoe shopping with me, and while I was searching out the sensible shoes, he found a pair of sexy red heels and said, “How about these?” Not at all what I was shopping for, of course, but they were gorgeous and looked great on me – so we bought both the sensible and fun shoes. Which ultimately gave me something to talk about (and got a chuckle out of the audience) while I was on stage winning a pretty prestigious award for one of my books!
What’s even cooler about that trip, as it relates back to the Dark Moon Falls sets, is that I met–and ultimately roomed with–Susan Griscom during that convention. And she did my hair for the award ceremony!

What is the most overused word in your rough drafts?

It used to be “just” but I’ve finally trained myself to *stop using that damn word.* Now it varies by book. And usually takes me until halfway through the first round of edits to figure it out.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes. But when I was in college, I convinced myself I needed to do something more sensible with my life. It took two layoffs from that sensible career to realize I was putting my own dreams on the back burner for some strange ideals I thought society had about what *I* was supposed to do with my own life. So silly, right?

Do you prefer ebooks or paperback?

This is a tough question. Most of my books are in ebook format only, so I would feel like a traitor if I said paperback. Even though I do love a good paperback. I love flipping back to the cover any time I want and checking how much more I have to read (aka, how much sleep will I lose tonight??). On the other hand, ebooks are so convenient, as I like to read on my phone. So there’s always a book with me, for any situation. Plus, if the one I’m currently reading isn’t what I’m in the mood for at that moment, there are a dozen others waiting that I haven’t yet started.
So yeah… I didn’t exactly answer that one, did I?

Thanks for reading! ~Tami