Author Bella Roccaforte
Bella Roccaforte

I love to tell stories!

My writing journey started back in high school but didn’t really take hold until 2012. I wrote and published my first book, Fine Lines (Deadly Dreams – Book 1). I had no idea what I was in for when I hopped onto this roller coaster! Twenty-six (or something like that) books, six series and now running a small press, I’m still wondering how all of this happened. 

Horror, urban fantasy, paranormal anything are my favorite genres to write in, but I don’t hold to any one specific genre. I write what I want and what makes me happy at the time.

I have five amazing children and two fur babies and live near the mountains in North Georgia.

I am now and have always been unapologetically me. What you see is what you get. I’m always doing my best to take life by the balls and run with it. I want to enjoy every moment I can and live in the moment.

Interview with Bella Roccaforte

Tell us about your story in Dark Moon Falls Vol. 1

I loved writing Ayry and Abel’s story. I don’t want to spoil too much in case you haven’t read it, but suffice to say, Abel left her but he had a very good reason. It was the only way he could save her. 

Ayry reacted to him leaving. She had a lot she was dealing with and she didn’t crumble. She was strong, she moved on and handled her business. I love that about her. I think all of us can learn something from her when the chips are down. 

Did you always want to be a writer?

I’ve always loved telling stories, but I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer. When I started the first book I published, I didn’t know I was going to publish it. It was a really crazy turn of events how it all happened. Most of the time I’m happy it did happen, but some days, I get tired. 

What is the most overused word in your rough drafts?

Ugh! There are a few that I’m a frequent offender on. The worst though, is “just” followed up by “so”. 

If you could change one thing in history, what would be?

This may sound harsh, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even the atrocities of history have served as a building block for humanity. While it’s pretty apparent in our current world climate that not everyone learns from history, there are many that have. 

When I hear my children talk about things like the Holocaust or Vietnam and can feel the pain and empathy in their tone, it serves as a reminder that we need to be kind to one another regardless of differing beliefs, skin color, or any other aspect that may set us apart. 

What would you tell your past-self about becoming a writer?

Have a plan, don’t over extend yourself and remember that life happens.

What has been your coolest moment as an author?

I was in an airport for an early flight to a book signing. I was stuffing my face with a bagel and not really paying attention. 

A woman came up to me and stood in front of me. It was kind of awkward, because my mouth was full and she didn’t say anything. 

When I looked up she had an excited smile plastered on her face and she was gripping a copy of Fine Lines in her hands in front of her. 

When we made eye contact she asked me, “You’re Bella.” 

It became very surreal at that moment. I nodded, kind of bewildered and swallowed my bagel trying not to choke on it. I didn’t know what to do, I felt like an asshole.

She pushed the book toward me with a pen and asked me to sign it. My brain kicked in and I stood up really fast and just threw my arms around her and I said, “I am Bella.” 

We both squealed and I signed her book.

When I boarded the plane the guy in the seat next to me turned to me and said, “Who are you?”

I responded, “I’m Bella Roccaforte.” Like he should know who I am. 

He was like, “Cool.”

Yeah, so my dorkiness is real.